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Stealth Training Plans Membership

We all know that having a structured training plan will help you to achieve your goals better, but did you know you are 2 x more likely to achieve your goals with a training plan?

Choose from one of our Stealth Endurance training plans. From base building for a triathlon, swimming, cycling and running, as full or split into the periodised training phases, of build and pre competition and race phase plans, plus plans for TRX strength, core strength, Swim band strength for swimming and mountain biking.


You can move between training plans throughout the course of the training year to suit your training needs if you have 2 different race distances. 


We have a range of training plans to suit all levels and abilities and distances for triathlon and swimming. During lockdown whilst swimming pools are closed we will be adding in swim bands sessions in place of pool based ones. 

Add structure and train with purpose with one of our Training Peaks Plans. Then start the journey towards your goal with confidence!

Get your daily workouts via e-mail, take your intervals with you on mobile, and log your training, as each day brings you closer to your goal. Available for all events and levels.

Choose the type of plan from one of our pre-made built plans here, or by looking at our Training Peaks plan pages below, then select Consultation on the right, followed by sign up. We'll then be in touch to arrange everything! 

Let us take the guesswork out of your training with a monthly training plan membership for just £60 per month.

Features and Benefits

Optional Coach / athlete initial consultation £30 to discuss goals and training and exercise history, set training zones for heart rate, power, and pacing, and to understand you more as an athlete and individual - 1 hour on Zoom / phone

We have 2 types of plan, each £60 per month by direct debit

  1. Standard - planned over a set number of weeks in advance

  2. Dynamic or rolling - planned weekly

On the standard plan, you can combine this with a strength plan.

The Dynamic or rolling weekly plans have private facebook groups for:

  1. Sprint triathlon

  2. Olympic triathlon

  3. Half ironman triathlon

  4. Ironman triathlon

  5. Open water Swimming 

A Virtual club

Option of a Basic or Premium Training Peaks Account

Monthly Zoom meeting for Q and A + Ask a Coach session

Member only swim technique library


Access to swim technique video content online (more content coming online soon)

Events calendar so you can meet up with other members at races 

Optional Speedy swim kit clothing

Sponsor discounts from Zone 3 Wetsuits 

Subscribe to our mailing list! 

Monthly training challenges

Swim bands ebook training

As a Training Plan member you'll receive discounts off 121 swim lessons, swim video analysis, bike fitting, run analysis, open water lessons and group training, plus swim video analysis clinics. 

Training plans will have a hands-off coaching experience, i.e. no coaching input, in terms of updates, or feedback in the plan, or metrics analysis. You can however, move between plans if you have a different distance event later in the year or want to switch to a longer distance event. We do have a private facebook group for you to join upon signing up whereby you can ask questions and join in on community discussions. If you have a particular question related to coaching, tag me and I will do my best to answer it in a timely manner.


You can also sign up for a consultation at a particular time to discuss your training goals during the plan, and receive some more in depth analysis into your training metrics and how we can continue to move your training forwards. We also offer 1-2-1 personalised and bespoke online coaching via Training Peaks.


More info here:

Nick is a level 3 British Triathlon Coach, STA level 2 Swim Teacher, Level 2 Accredited Training Peaks coach, Wattbike Instructor, and Training Bible coaching Master endurance coach. Nick has over 25 years’ experience in triathlon, with 16 years coaching experience. Founder and Head Coach for Speedy Swimming.


15 minute Training Plan Consultation £15

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