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Top Recommendations To Maintain Your Swim Fitness Over The Winter Months!

Did you know that if you miss a month of your swim training it will take you 2 months to get back to where you were before you lapsed? That's the feel for the water you have lost, muscle memory and the loss of ingrained good technique habits.

Obviously, you should take a short break physically/mentally from training and racing for a couple of weeks after the end of race season to re charge and refresh your mind.

We recommend you keep your swimming in check over the next few months with some measurable targets and process orientated goals, so you don't lose fitness. You should ideally swim 2-3 times a week, largely focusing on technique.

Have you considered…

Swim video analysis – to identify where you can improve your technique 121 Swimming lessons – to refine your front crawl stroke and to maintain fitness Personal training – to build your core strength whilst reducing risk of injury Personalised coaching – which will provide you with bespoke structured daily sessions • Joining a triathlon swim squad – for periodised sessions and group motivation to keep you focused​

You already know from experience that it's much harder to pick up from where you left it when you have longer than a couple of weeks off from swimming.

Here are some of the best swimming drills you can do to refine your swim technique:

1. Drag fingers

Drag your fingers tips through the water from shoulder to top of stroke.

Why? Promotes high elbow recovery, and increases awareness of hand position during recovery.

2. Shark fin 1 side

Thumb slides up your side into the armpit on recovery. Always maintain correct side balance.

Why? Aims to teach correct recovery technique.

3. Glide

Once your hand has entered glide reach and stretch for 1-2 seconds before starting the stroke.

Why? Limits bubbles on entry in preparation for a good catch.

4. Touch thigh

Touch your thigh on the push phase of the stroke.

Why? Lengthening rear phase of stroke.

5. Bodyroll

Performing normal front crawl, rotate from the hips to 45 degrees each side.

Why? Minimises frontal area resistance, making you more streamlined.

6. Single arm fists alternating fists

Alternate one hand as a fist , one hand normal position for one length, alternating each length.

Why? Enhances feel for water and what your hand should be doing during the catch and need for a high elbow.

If you would like to find out more then sign up to Speedy Swimming coaching today and start your journey to never-ending improvement and success in 2019!

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