Learn how to sight effectively for open water swimming!

Learn how to sight effectively for open water swimming!

When your hand has entered the water, hold the glide fractionally longer than normal, and press down slightly so that your head is lifted out of the water to just below your nose. Any higher and your legs will drop, increasing drag and resistance in the water.

Don't breathe in or out as you look forwards or you could swallow water. Do this either before or after you look up and forwards to sight. Keep your sighting and breathing separate.

The low crocodile eyes sighting method keeps your head low and doesn’t disrupt your breathing pattern or your body position.

Perform 2 sights one after another, every 6 - 8 strokes looking at an object that is generally higher than the swim buoy in the water. The 2nd sight clarifies the 1st image in your minds eye.

Examples to sight and navigate towards can be things that are different colours, shapes like buildings or trees etc.

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