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How do you push more water behind you and swim faster with less effort?

Intermediate level swim analysis clinic at Cranleigh school on Sunday 14th January 2018

Early vertical forearm technique comparison between Haydn Woolley and Roland Townson

Early Vertical Forearm Goals

1. Push more water behind you 2. Achieve a 90 -100 degree elbow bend 3. An early high elbow catch to set up 4. Reaching over a barrel

In this video you can see the difference between Haydn Woolley (left) and Roland Townson (right) in terms of catching the water and how much they are bending their elbows to gain more purchase on the water.

To perform the Early Vertical Forearm technique for maximum effect you will need to:

• Gliding and rotating upon entry into the water to engage your core muscles • Holding your lead arm high in the water prior to bending • Bending your lead arm with your upper arm and elbow staying high • Move your elbow forwards prior to pulling it back keeping it high in the water • Utilise the palm and forearm as one paddle maintaining a 15 degree angle in the wrist • Keep the palm of your hand pointing to the back of the pool throughout the stroke

Whilst not doing these:

1. Dropping your elbow in the catch phase 2. Allowing the pitch and rotation element of your hand and forearm to change 3. Your hands tracking too wide 4. Hands crossing over the midline of your body 5. Allowing your lead arm to drop before first bending your elbow

Some technique drills to help you improve the feel for the water are:

1.Sculling window wipers 2.Shark fin 3.Glide and rotate 4.Single arm unco drill 5.Single arm fists and pull with buoy

Using the following pieces of swim equipment will help you dramatically improve your EVF

• Forearm fulcrums • Freestyler paddles • Agility paddles • Catch paddles

Roland Townson has completed multiple half and full ironman distance events, and would place near the front of the 2nd group of swimmers regularly in the swim in a triathlon.

Haydn Wooley 1500m in 15:45 and former Ironman swim record holder at 43:30

To learn more about how to harness an Early vertical forearm in your front crawl and swim faster, then sign up for our Intermediate level swim analysis clinic at Cranleigh school on Sunday 14th January 2018!

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