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New course dates for our Weekly Squad Training Sessions at Guildford lido

Have you got a triathlon or open water event/race coming up, and you want to swim faster and improve your front crawl technique?

Then join our next block of Weekly Squad Sessions starting Tuesday 1st August 2017 at 7.15 pm at Guildford Lido in Surrey.

These sessions are for intermediate swimmers who can swim front crawl in the speed range of 1:30 minutes to 2:15 minutes pace per 100 metres.

All sessions are periodised into blocks of 4 weeks according to our annual swim training plan, building structured and progressive sessions so you can see consistent results and improvement.

Participants will improve technique, race pacing, reduce stroke count by up to 10%, and stroke efficiency (SWOLF score), and above all, have great fun!

Click below for more info or book your place:

Learn how to improve your feel for the water and stroke mechanics to enhance your early vertical forearm position in our Squad Training Sessions! Sign up here!

To keep up to date with our latest events, and news and coaching articles feel free to subscribe to our blog. Recently we've been posting on social media and our blog talking about how to improve your feel for the water by improving your catch, how and why you should be swimming with a high and early vertical forearm, and also how to use a tempo trainer effectively for improving you rhythm, pacing, timing and overall swim speed. If you're unable to make the following group sessions at Guildford Lido, we care able to do a 1-2-1 open water coaching sessions for you at Thorpe Open Water Swim lake for you and / or a couple of friends, or if you would prefer some more Front Crawl video analysis and front crawl stroke correction and technique drills we have just launched our new Triathlon Endless Pool to Pool swim lessons to Open Water swimming masterclass

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