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6 Top Factors to focus on to swim more than 100 metres continuously! Improvers swimming 25 to 100 me

Does your form break down quickly after swimming 100 metres?

Do you fit into the following category for swimming ability and would love to improve your front crawl technique?

1. Can swim up to 100 metres freestyle stroke non stop 2. Haven't fully mastered the freestyle breathing technique 3. Still need to work on body position 4. Mainly want to focus on a freestyle front / crawl program

These are the factors we'll focus on to help:

1. Improve your kicking and balance in the water 2. Make your body position more streamlined 3. Reduce drag and resistance in the water 4. Introduce sculling to enhance a feel for the water 5. Introduce interval training (25 - 50 metre sets) and increasing stroke rate 6. Focus on the correct methods for push and glide (push offs), learn to rotate evenly and distance per stroke improvement swimming

To book your next set of swim lessons and learn how to overcome all of the above sign up below:

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