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Transform your front crawl with our Speedy Swimming Video Analysis Clinic!

Join our next Swim Analysis clinic 12-5pm, Sunday 9th December 2018, in Chertsey, Surrey.

FINAL 2 places remaining....

If you’re an intermediate swimmer and you'd like to learn what's holding back your front crawl stroke, then our swim video analysis clinics are an excellent method of visually seeing and correcting your technique.

With our expert coaching we’ll provide you with the following:

• Expert coaching with 20 years of combined knowledge and experience • 2 swim sessions in the endless pool • Full HD video analysis of your front crawl from different angles • Swim theory presentation on the bio-mechanics of the catch and pull phases of front crawl • Group feedback on your swim video detailing personal areas for stroke corrections and swim drills • Exercises to teach you the correct way to do the catch and pull phases using stroke cord bands • Personalised swim drills and stroke correction • Ability to track your performance and improve your stroke with video playback

Who is the swim clinic for?

Intermediate front crawl swimmers who can swim 400m between 6-9 minutes

Each clinic has a maximum of 6 attendees. This allows us to deliver a very unique and personal athlete centred approach.

Early booking is strongly advised:

You may also be interested in a private swim video analysis lesson if you can't make the swim clinic.

Find out more here:

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