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Do you swim enough times per week with structured sessions, to ensure you're progressing and swi

Swim monthly structured sessions online using training peaks £30 a month

Do you swim by yourself?

  • Are you bored of doing the same old sessions, or not knowing which type of sessions are best?

  • How to plan your sessions?

  • Would you like some variety, specific technique sessions and pacing just for you?

  • Which technique or stroke corrections are actually suited best to your style of swimming? Can't make our fitness and technique squad sessions or live too far away?

If you are timed pressured and don't belong to a club, or train by yourself a lot, you may find you lose motivation sometimes, and not know exactly what to do and when. Our swim monthly coaching program is the perfect solution. So many of our clients have asked what they should be doing outside of swim lessons, or how to structure their swim sets for maximum benefit.

Did you know you can receive all of the following from Speedy Swimming for just £30 per month?

1. Structured periodised swim sets for your goal race distance

2. Personalised swim drills

3. Tempo trainer pacing sets progressive each week (or using a stopwatch) by triathlon race / open water swim distance

4. Personal pacing zones in training peaks

5. Technique sessions to improve your efficiency by stroke phase

6. A Training Peaks account and app plus sessions via email

7. Stroke rate ramp test to optimise your stroke rate and distance per stroke

8. T paced fitness tests regularly to reset your personal pacing zones

9. Swolf swim efficiency test sets

10. How to increase your pace using the tempo trainer at T pace / optimal distance pace

12. Open water swimming paced programs

With our dynamic personal swim training plan sessions on Training Peaks, you’ll receive 3-4 swim sessions a week in Training Peaks for £30 per month for your own personal swim coaching plan.

Structured and periodised training sessions for swimming with your own personal pacing zones at set effort levels using a tempo trainer / stopwatch for pacing. There is also the option of online swim video analysis being added on

Swim pacing and the corresponding metrics will be used to track your changes and improvements in fitness from regular fitness tests, and using the tempo trainer to fractionally reduce your T pace (threshold swim pace) and focus on your pacing and stroke rate.

This will include focusing on and working up to your chosen race or open water swim event so you can work at the desired level and pace / heart rate close. Whilst focusing on your own personal pacing zones using a tempo trainer / stopwatch - based on a fitness test to determine your lactate threshold for the best performance and minimal drop in pacing per 100 metres.

You'll also receive a tempo trainer reduction plan over a set number of weeks, based on your T pace (@80% effort) or race goal pacing target, and corresponding personal pacing zones.

Plus open water sets and skills and drills, and your own personal swim drills each week to focus on.

A dynamic training plan fills the gap there, providing you with swim sessions designed to build you up to swimming your set distance, with tips and sessions on technique drills, open water sessions and skills, Pilates core strength and strength training using TRX.

A Dynamic Coaching Plan is intended to be used in real-time. You have access to all the programming, data, monitoring, garmin heart rate / power uploads all for a fraction of the price of a coaching plan

As we move throughout the training year, your swim training will move through different phases and form the following polarised model of periodisation:

This ensures you always have a goal and focus, whether its weekly or monthly, even outside of racing season. This could be technique based, kicking, distance per stroke, reducing stroke count, rotation and improving your pacing and building aerobic fitness to support higher levels of fat burning efficiency.

The Swim Training Year

  1. Race / events season – May to September – pacing awareness and control, stroke rate, technique maintenance and improvement, open water skills and drills, race paced sets. Tempo trainer sets at goal race pace

  2. Transition phase 2 weeks (end of season) usually October - stroke corrections and drills focus working through the 10 phases of front crawl

  3. Preparation phase of training – 6-8 weeks - very much technique and drills focused, volume and intensity much lower, breaking down your swim stroke into its component parts, shorter intervals and building it back up to a point where you can maintain the new form for longer

  4. Base building phase of training 12 – 16 weeks – developing and building on your aerobic foundation, improving fat burning efficiency, lung capacity, and technique sets over longer intervals. Body position fundamentals – reducing drag and resistance, swolf and minimax sets focusing on holding form at aerobic level and maintaining stroke count

  5. Build phase of training 8 -12 weeks – introduction to muscular endurance and strength with force training being introduced. Slightly higher hr zones depending on goal event. Intro to pacing awareness. Negative split sets. Open water skills in the pool.

  6. Pre event / competition / Pacing awareness – 6 -10 weeks tempo trainer sets at threshold pace

  7. Open water skills and drills

Here is a free sample swim session for you to try. Let us know how you get on

(Copyright Speedy Swimming)

To register please email Nick on or call him on 07958635142

You can register and sign up here:

After you have registered you with then be sent an athlete sign up form, pre exercise questionnaire and a link to set up and connect your training peaks account.

When is your next triathlon or swimming race?

We'd love to help you achieve your goals and help you on your swim journey to improved fitness, technique and stamina for even pacing splits and stroke count without deterioration in form.

Swimming 3 or more times per week also enhances your feel for the water or elusive purchase on the water, that is, your ability to utilise and push more water behind you effectively without slipping through it.

Maintaining a robotic stroke, rotating well, having a good body position, and a great pull phase of your stroke will all ensure you swim well and keep improving!

Performing one session per week on technique, one on intervals / speed and one on open water skills and drills (in the pool or ideally open water) as well as benchmarking your fitness every 4 weeks will ensure you improve and avoid hitting plateaus.

Testimonial from Swim lessons and monthly swim coaching plan

"Over the next few weeks with the help of clear to follow drills and exercises Nick helped me completely rebuild my freestyle technique to a point where I am now consistently the fastest swimmer in my local pool, but with a smooth, efficient, fast and controlled technique.

There have been numerous additional benefits, I am fitter, thinner, healthier and stronger than I have ever been, I have lost 4Kg in weight and my body shape has changed significantly. My fitness and stamina have improved and I am now extremely confident in the water, well able to cope with the maelstrom at the start of triathlons! I have reduced my 750m sprint triathlon time by over 3 minutes, strokes per length by 10 per 50m in a faster time and I can comfortably swim well over 2.5km in the pool or open water in a respectable time without collapsing at the end!"

John Adams, 46, Reigate, Surrey.

To find out more and how to register click email Nick at or call on 07958635142

Swim Monthly Coaching Program

You can register and sign up here:

Nick de Meyer is the author of Speedy Freestyle, a front crawl swim drills book, and he is a level 3 British Triathlon Coach, Head Coach for Phoenix Triathlon club in Guildford, Surrey. He is also a level 3 Personal Trainer and a Master Endurance Coach with Training Bible Coaching UK. He is an Open Water swimming coach and teaches at Shepperton open water swimming lake. He has completed 2 Ironman Triathlons, and the Dart 10km swim to name a couple and has been training competing and coaching triathlons for 20 years.

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