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Learn how to swim 10 seconds per 100 metres faster challenge!

Do you feel the need...the need for SPEED!? 

Learn how to correct your stroke and swim faster than ever with less energy!

We can help you improve your technique using video camera analysis, stroke correction and swim drills in the endless pool. Based in Chertsey Surrey.

Sign up to an endless pool 121 video analysis session and find out what’s been holding you back with your swim stroke.


If you have a swim technique problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Speedy Swimming Team!


Get in touch by giving us a call on 07958635142 or email us at

Speedy Swimming - Video Analysis Discovery Sessions offer a great introduction and first steps to transfoming your front crawl

Stage 1 - Discovery Swim Video Analysis Session

Have you ever tried a swim video analysis?

Our Discovery Swim Video Analysis Sessions offer a great introduction and first step towards:

  • Correcting your front crawl swim technique

  • Learning which stroke corrections to apply

  • Integrating your personalised swim drills to muscle memory

Find out more

Speey Swimming - 5 Week Accelerator Proramme. Track your front crawl improvements with before and after video playback analysis

Stage 2 - 5 Week Accelerator Programme

This is a 5 week technique improvement course, following after your Discovery Session

Do you want to increase your distance per stroke and stroke efficiency speed and stamina?

  • Track improvements with before and after video playback analysis

  • Develop your swim efficiency

  • Learn how to correct your swim stroke

  • Coaching that encourages you at every stage of your swim training

Find out more

Speedy Swimming - Monthly Subscription Swim Lessons. Are you ready to transform your front crawl and swim more efficiently?

Stage 3 - Monthly Subscription Swim Lessons

Are you ready to transform your front crawl and swim more efficiently?

  • Once or twice a week coaching options

  • Structured training sessions

  • Monthly before and after swim video playback to track your progress

  • Fitness and technique sessions to ensure you're improving and achieving your goals

  • Option of combining with swim core strength or personal training

  • Reserves and guarantees your weekly swim slot

Find out more


Join our Private Speedy Swim coach cafe facebook group here

Learn more about events we're doing, offers we have currently and swim video technique videos plus much more! 

Learn how to control your pacing, reduce drag, become more streamlined, build your fitness, and become a Speedier Swimmer!

Add more speed, power and stamina to your front crawl! Improve your technique, pacing, reduce your stroke count by up to 10%, and your stroke efficiency (SWOLF score)!




Do you find you're?

  • Legs are too low or scissor kicking?


  • Breathing and not getting enough air in?


  • Over rotating and feeling unbalanced in the water?


  • Missing the catch and feel for the water?


  • Hips feel low and head too high?


  • Swimming with a short and choppy stroke?


  • Putting in lots of effort for not enough gain?


  • Kicking is really hard work, or you actually go backwards?


Extra Bonuses!

In addition to making you a faster swimmer, we have the following bonuses available for you! 

  1. Open water swim drills series

  2. Swim Training ebook

  3. Join our Youtube channel for technique videos

  4. Discounts off Open water swim lessons, swim clinics (when able to run them) and access to our Speedy Swim Squad Front Crawl fitness and technique sessions


Simon Young 

"Today I swam my usual distance at Shepperton 3 big loops 1 small the quickest this season to date had been 58mins. Today trying to slow stroke rate and increase glide I did 52mins!!! It felt faster and there was less slapping of the water with my arms,  also at times I reverted back to a faster stroke (not intentional) until I corrected it. Also tried not to cross over the centre line.

Looking at Garmin data.

Total strokes for the same distance

30/08/20  2130 strokes

02/09/20  2156

06/09/20  1665 strokes

So a startling difference!! 


I am now doing 4 full loops in the same time it was taking to do 3 full and 1 small loop so gained about 350mtrs in the hour if use to take me”

— Name, Title


Tommy O'Sullivan


“Nick’s biggest strength is helping people who want to be the best they can at a given event. In my swimming he has taken me from fighting the water and hating swimming, to actually enjoying the swim. This is a minor miracle and something I didn’t ever expect to achieve."

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