What is a Dynamic Training Plan?

A Dynamic Coaching Plan is intended to be used in real-time.  You have access to all the programming, data, monitoring, garmin heart rate / power uploads all for a fraction of the price of a coaching plan

All users of a Dynamic plan are able to log their own training to thier own calendar.Any changes to the plan are immediately reflected on ALL users calendars.Basic or Premium clients/users can subscribe to a plan

Any user that subscribes to the plan is free to log their own workouts against the plan too, making it super easy and powerful for you to track the plan vs. actual and stay on track.

Dynamic training plans are great for working with groups of athletes all training for the same, or similar, events. A dynamic plan can be applied to multiple athletes and when you make edits to the master plan it will update in each of the athletes' calendars in real-time!

A dynamic training plan allows anyone with a TrainingPeaks coach account to build and manage a single exercise schedule which immediately updates the calendar of every athlete the plan has been applied/shared to.  

So it has the ability for coaching a lot of people at once for a fraction of the cost, yet they still get all the benefits of having a weekly program. They all get the same plan, but can upload data onto www.trainingpeaks.com


Unlike a standard training plan, where the coach must decide when to start/end the plan, a dynamic plan is locked into specific dates on the calendar- the workout dates listed in the plan are the same that are on each athletes calendar.


That is, if you schedule a workout for Wednesday the 21st, it will appear on EVERYONE's calendar on Wednesday the 21st. As the plan is changed, for example moving the Wednesday workout to Friday, everyone's workout will be immediately changed to Friday.

If you are the type of athlete that is very self-sufficient, will not be looking for a lot of “pep talks”, schedule and race modifications and do not a need a lot of back and forth with your coach, a dynamic training plan may be for you.

- Fully customized training plan for you. Based around your life, your particular strengths and weaknesses, and schedule

- monthly schedules and adjustments

- monthly calls and reviews with your coach, primarily through email, but if you need to chat, just let us know