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Squad Sessions at Aldershot 50m pool are now SOLD OUT!

Squad Sessions at Aldershot 50m pool are now SOLD OUT!

But don't worry if you missed out, we have your swim training all covered!

Our next Squad training schedule starting 11th December is now available. 11 places are currently left. Early booking is strongly advised!:

We've always believed and adhered to the fact that to improve your swimming you need to swim 3 times a week. One swim a week sees you pretty much stay where you are, 2 sees some improvement and a better feel for the water, and 3 sees your strength speed and stamina all start to improve. That's just the nature of swimming.

As its almost the end of the racing and triathlon / open water swimming season its a good time to have a video analysis session or 2 to understand what you need to focus on with your front crawl technique. Especially as the training focus switches from high intensity or race specific sessions to technique and skill. Swimming in an endless pool is a fantastic way to learn and see how you're currently swimming and to learn how to correct your technique so that you can achieve your potential and set new personal bests!

So why not book yourself a video analysis session held at Chertsey:

In a normal training week you should spend 25-30% of your swim training dedicated and focused to improving your technique with personalised swim drill. Perfect practice and repetition of those drills by performing them correctly will ensure you're swimming more efficiently with greater speed and power to help you achieve your training and event / racing goals!

Sign up to a single or block of 1-2-1 pool based front crawl lessons:

We also offer personalised coaching plans. For more information please email, or contact Nick on 07958 635142

If you think a friend would benefit from attending our squad, please forward this post on or tag them.

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