Do you need to improve your core driven rotation for front crawl?

June 22, 2018


Observe the glide in the stroke upon entry, how high the lead arm stays, the hip rotation to 45 degrees on each stroke and how streamlined the swimmer is.


This is called core driven rotation on a long axis, effectively swimming through a narrow tube of horizontal water reducing drag and resistance.


If you're not swimming like this then one of the following could very well be happening:


• Turning your head to breathe and lifting your body
• Rolling your shoulders first
• Lead arm dropping affecting balance
• Over rotating to breathe
• Uneven bodyroll to one side
• Dropping your elbow in the catch phase
• Legs and hips too low


All of these will negatively affect your body position and balance in the water, therefore increasing drag and resistance, and result in creating turbulence, making it harder to swim.


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