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Speedy Swimming Bucket list triathlons for intermediate swimmers

Here’s our Speedy Swimming bucket list of triathlons for intermediate swimmers – Top 5 1. Hellvellyn triathlon (swim 1600m, bike 38 miles, Fell run 9 miles) 2. Bala olympic standard distance triathlon 3. Swanage olympic standard distance triathlon 4. Brighton marina tri (swim 1000m, bike 32km, run 8km) 5. Alpe d’huez short course triathlon (swim 1200m, bike 28km, run 6.7km)

What would be on your list? Need a coach to help you achieve your goals? If you've been doing triathlons for a season or 2 now, and you want to improve your speed and power, or challenge yourself with an epic goal, then one of the above triathlons should be top of your bucket list. Maybe you want to take a minute or 2 off your swim time, upskill your technique, or become more efficient in one of more disciplines, then we can help you! Sign up to our Personalised Training Peaks online coaching / swim lessons with Speedy Swimming here >> Or sign up to one of our training plans.

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