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Speedy Swim Clubs - Open Water Technique sessions

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Weekly Open Water Technique Sessions at Hayling Island Beach - available summer season (May - September)


  • Did you know that you can add 20% or more to your overall open water swim race distance by not sighting effectively or often enough?

  • Do you feel like you lose your way a bit when turning around buoys in open water, or when you're racing, are you filled with dread at the thought of being punched and kicked just as you’re about to breathe?

  • Did you know you could save as much as 18-25% energy swimming in open water by drafting efficiently and effectively?


All open water technique sessions are periodised into blocks of 10 weeks according to our annual swim training plan. Participants will improve their stamina, endurance, speed and technique for front crawl, and above all, have great fun!




Each session lasts for one hour and will include a 5-10 minute warm up; 45-50 minutes of technique and short distance interval training, where you’ll be building your cardio vascular fitness and muscular endurance, followed by a 5 minute cool down with stretches. 


Each week you'll focus on a different aspect of the front crawl stroke, as well as refining your technique from previous sessions. Your coach will keep a record each week of how you're doing, and the improvements you'll be making, so that you make consistent progress and enjoy each session fully.


How do you know if these sessions are right for you?


This group is for intermediate swimmers who can swim in the speed range of 1:45 to 2:30 pace per 100 metres.


We require you to be able to swim at least 3x200 metres continuous front crawl before booking on the course.


The types of exercises and drills we will ask you to do include:


  • Learn drafting techniques to save you up to 25% energy

  • How to position yourself in a pack of swimmers

  • Learn the best way to perform a mass race start

  • How to navigate around turn buoys 

  • Transition T1 - preparation, layout of transition, kit list and wet suit

  • Sighting skills at race pace


We also organise monthly time trials (optional) so we can benchmark your fitness levels so that we can see how you're improving. We want to know your training and racing goals and personal best times across our set swim distances, so we can help you achieve them as effectively as possible!




Our Speedy Swim groups offer a social way to build your fitness and our friendly and intuitive coaching will ensure you feel part of the club. 


Places are limited to 15 swimmers per session, to ensure you receive the best possible level of coaching available by our Speedy Swim Team.




  • Understanding interval training and rest periods for maximum results

  • Better pacing control and awareness from structured swim sessions

  • Learning all the aspects on how to become a more efficient swimmer

  • Learn new tips and techniques in each session

  • Not swimming alone can really help when it comes to staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

  • The group dynamic will have you truly trying your best, which means you'll get more out of the experience, get fitter faster and reach new Pb’s

  • You’ll celebrate your success with your instructor and new swim friends




Wetsuit swimming is recommended to swim in, although you’re free to swim without if you can stay warm for an hour. You’ll be warm soon after starting the class! We advise having a warm top to put on after the session has finished.


The perfect way to start your evening feeling refreshed! 


Please bring your own water bottle, swim cap and goggles.


Recommended swim kit list to bring along too:


Paddles, goggles, wetsuit.


If you need any of the above swim kit before starting your session you can order via Race Zone 3 online.


We have arranged a 20% discount for you to use with all Race Zone 3 products below: Speedyswim20




Places are limited to 15 open water swimmers per session, to ensure you receive the best possible level of coaching available by our Speedy Swim coach.

Sessions can be booked in blocks of 10 weeks at £160 for 10 sessions. 


The cost of your swim entry to the lake is included in your lesson block booking. Please make sure you arrive early for evening swims. We do not offer refunds if you are unable to attend for a particular week due to unforeseen circumstances. Please see terms and conditions for more info. 


If you are new to open water swimming or to the lake at Shepperton then you’ll need to register and fill in their health questionnaire / indemnity form found here.


Contact us for more information on 07958635142 or by email


Testimonials for Group swim sessions:


 "Nick ran the swim sessions for David Lloyd Triathlon club for 6 months in that time he consistently applied his training methods and approach to swim training that enabled me and all of the other members of the tri club to reduce our 400m time trial times. More than that his sense of humour made these sessions enjoyable and the hour in the water fly by!

I can highly recommend him as a trainer/coach, you won’t be disappointed. “John Leysen

"Nick's training methods and approach to swim training enabled me and all of the other members of our triathlon club to reduce our 400m time trial times." Richard Wild


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