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Swim Video Analysis 

Held at an endless pool in Chertsey, our swim video analysis sessions for adults, are a fantastic way to correct your technique and enable you to achieve your potential!

Have you ever wondered how you can manage to swim faster for front crawl? If you'd like to learn what's holding back your front crawl, then our swim video analysis is an excellent method of visually seeing and correcting your technique.


Using our coaching expertise, we'll teach you how to swim more efficiently with less effort.

Swim Video Analysis Discovery Session

Have you ever tried a swim video analysis session?

If not, then you're missing out on learning how to swim more efficiently!

  • Expert coaching with 20 years of combined knowledge and experience

  • Instantaneous video feedback

  • Slow motion analysis and playback

  • 3 HD video cameras simultaneously recording

  • Personalised swim drills and stroke analysis

  • Track your performance with video playback


Accelerator program 5 weeks - Technique focus

Do you want to increase your DPS and stroke efficiency speed and stamina?

  • Intensive 5 week technique improvement course

  • Track improvements with before and after video analysis

  • Develop your swim efficiency

  • Learn how to correct your swim stroke

  • Coaching that encourages you at every stage of your swim training

Learn new tips and techniques in each session and reduce your stroke count by up to 10%.

swim on shoulder drill.jpg

Swim Lessons Monthly Subscription

How much time do you want to take off your average 100 metre swim pace?


Learn how to transform your front crawl and swim more efficiently whilst increasing your distance per stroke for front crawl.

  • Tempo trainer pacing sets

  • Technique and fitness

  • Regular SWOLF and fitness testing time trials 

  • Reduce your stroke count and increase Distance per Stroke 

  • Fitness Training Sets

Contact Us


British Triathlon Level 3 Coach

STA Level 2 Swim Teacher

Training Peaks Level 1 Coach 

Training Bible Coaching UK Master Endurance Coach 

Former Head Coach Phoenix Triathlon Club

Former British Triathlon Regional Development Coach for the South East region. 

Level 3 Personal Trainer 

Speedy Swimmming lessons and coaching

Nick 07958635142

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