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"Thanks for the day (on) Sunday. Very informative and I know I have done something different as my shoulder blades ache today! I had a bit of a light bulb moment just now thinking about the catch and pull and I realise I haven't been pulling and recovering properly! I was practising high elbows yesterday but I now know I wasn't pushing and recovering."


"Many thanks for a really great training day. You've clearly given the planning and structure a lot of thought, it was slick but accessible. I am very tired, my brain is a fuzz, but I am now aware of the starting points for me to make some technique improvements. Having the video feedback was invaluable."


"Just wanted to say thanks for today, I thought the swim clinic was excellent and feel that it has greatly benefited my swimming. Looking forward to continuing to improve my swim stroke."

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Speedy Swimmming lessons and coaching

Nick 07958635142

Our One Day Improvers Front Crawl Swim Analysis Clinic shows how and where you can improve your swim technique to refine your front crawl stroke. Our coaching, with expert four point video analysis above and underwater, provides practical steps to help you swim with greater efficiency and speed.

We’ll adapt your swim technique with our stroke analysis methods, and teach you cutting edge swim skills and drills from our Speedy Freestyle swim book.


In the Improvers swim analysis clinic we'll show you how to perform drills so you can breathe easier, reduce drag, kick better, stay higher and become more balanced and streamlined in the water, whilst building your fitness. In essence you'll become a Speedier Swimmer!


How do you know if the improvers swim clinic is right for you?

By 'Improver level Swimmer' we mean you'll  be currently swimming 200 metres in 4 minutes 15 seconds or more.


200m swim time > 4:15

  • Expert swim video analysis

  • You can swim 25 to 100 metres in 1 go. Further than this and your form deteriorates

  • You generally struggle with breathing

  • Would like to reduce drag

  • Swim more than 28 strokes per 25m

  • Legs generally low / kicking poor

  • Need to improve effiiciency

  • Feel like you're fighting the water

  • Improved streamlining


 What to expect:

  • Extensive videoing of your stroke above and below the water. Of course you get to take away your video footage with you on USB Stick

  • How to reduce drag and resistance in the water so you swim in a more streamlined elevated position

  • Stretching / flexibility for performance

  • Swim video analysis playback and assessment

  • How to improve your entry and catch phases to limit slipping through the water

  • You'll learn about the 4 phases of the front crawl stroke to gain a more in depth understanding of front crawl and how to swim faster with less effort

  • Core strength for swimming, we'll show you how to stay more balanced and centred in the water so you create less turbulence

  • Practicing and learning how and when to apply more power in your stroke out of the water so you don't necessarily have to think about breathing

  • Q & A session

Learn what's been holding you back and how to improve all aspects of your front crawl technique! 

Our next Intermediate swim video analysis clinic will beld at TRIBAL Endless Pool and Gym at Chertsey on:


Sunday 21st July 2019, 12noon - 5pm

With a group size 6 swimmers


Who is the Swim Video Analysis Clinic for:


  • Intermediate swimmers able to swim 6x100m at a pace of 1:30 - 2:15 consistently per 100 metres on 30 seconds rest

  • Intermediate level triathletes and masters swimmers wanting to improve technique

  • Open water swimmers wanting to improve and go faster


We do require you to have completed a 400 metre swim time trial prior to attending the swim clinic for lane placement and ability levels

What you can expect in our Swim Video Analysis Clinic: 

  • 2 swim sessions including technique and practising your new stroke correction drills

  • Full HD video of your stroke from 3 angles above and below the water

  • 3 classroom sessions including presentations on swim theory

  • Expert video analysis and feedback from our very experienced team of coaches

  • Learn our 8 stage method of breaking your stroke down into manageable component part

  • A USB memory stick of your swim videos to take away

  • Personalised drills and stroke correction and time to practice


You'll receive the highest level of front crawl swim technique coaching available!

What you'll learn in our practical pool sessions:


  • How to harness the pull phase of front crawl to swim faster for no more effort

  • Monitoring and recording of your stroke, stroke count, stroke rate and technique

  • Pacing control and awareness swim sessions

  • Practice your own personalised swim drills and stroke corrections 

  • How to improve your distance per stroke

  • How to push more water behind you to go faster for no more effort

  • Understand the power phases underwater in front crawl and when to apply them

  • Improve your kicking, breathing and body position fundamentals 


Swim theory classroom sessions:


  • Presentation on body position fundamentals for front crawl

  • Video analysis and playback in a classroom setting

  • Group feedback on your swim video detailing personal areas for stroke corrections and swim drills

  • Pre hab exercises for swimmers and triathletes

  • Catch and pull phase mechanics session using swim bands 

  • Flexibility and pectoralis major assessment for improving your distance per stroke 

  • Swim videos showing common faults 

  • Swim videos showing excellent front crawl technique

Book Now! 

Select the Eventbrite link below, fill in your details and we'll contact you to confirm your place and send you the relevant forms.


Extra info:

You'll be sent a discount code for 20% off Zone3 swim equipment when you sign up to a swim clinic. 

Each clinic has a maximum of 6 attendees. This allows us to deliver a very unique and personal athlete centred approach.

£100 for the day, per person.

Clinics run from 12-5pm at Tribal Pool and Gym, St Anns Cottage, Ruxbury Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9NH. 

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