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Stage 2: The Accelerator Swim Technique Program 5 Weeks

Learn how to reduce drag and resistance in the water, become more streamlined, improve your swim efficiency and technique, build fitness and become a speedier swimmer! 


Is there an area of your front crawl that you want to work on the most?


We can show you real time pace improvements in the endless pool by focusing on stroke corrections and technique refinement - showing difference in pace per 100 metres. 

For example:

Client A : Started at 2:00 mins per 100m

Improvements with each technique drill using video analysis and slow motion playback: 

  1. Gliding for 1 second on entry = 1:50 / 100m  

  2. Focusing on your timing ie 3/4 catch up = 1:45 / 100m

  3. Bodyroll 45 degrees = 1:40 / 100m pace

  4. Early vertical forearm & Reaching over a barrel drills = 1:31 / 100m pace

Using our 10 Phase front crawl technique methods this is a 5 week intensive front crawl technique swim course where you'll learn the most about correcting your swim stroke from the Speedy Swimming technique experts! 

  1. How to take up to 10 seconds or more off your average 100 metres pace

  2. Reduce your stroke count by up to 10%

  3. Improve your distance per stroke

  4. Find your stroke rate sweet spot

  5. Learn and understand your swim pacing zones 

Video comparison client before and after over 5 weeks: 

Did you know video analysis is an excellent method of visually seeing and correcting your technique?

In the left video you can see one of our clients during his first session and on the right after 3 sessions, you can see huge improvements in his stroke rate, rotation and kicking.


With our video analysis, we will assess your swim with video playback and will design a bespoke programme for you to improve in the most effective way.

Take advantage of all our front crawl knowledge experience and expertise with our 10 phase swim program and bespoke personalised swim drills just for you!

We'll break down your swim stroke into manageable areas to focus on, improve them with personalised swim drills, and put it all back together for a ....... front crawl technique! 


Learn how to improve in the fastest way possible (?) with swim video analysis and playback

  • How to improve your Distance per Stroke

  • How to harness the pull phase

  • How to achieve an Early Vertical Forearm position

  • Understand the different power phases

  • Improve your catch phase mechanics

  • Monitoring and recording of your stroke count and stroke rate

  • Kicking, breathing and body position fundamentals



5 Lesson in 5 Weeks - 1 per week

In the video on the right, you can see the difference in power, stroke technique, maintaining form style and body position without fatiguing on the left.


Martin is a good swimmer at 23 mins for 1500m, whilst Hadyn in this video was swimming 16 mins for 1500.


Although you can see the differences quite apparently, what's the most significant?


Video of Haydn Woolley of Futuredreams ex itu triathlete 1500m in 15:45 and former ironman swim record holder at 43:30

10 Lessons in 5 Weeks - 2 per week

You'll learn how to improve your breathing, reduce drag, kick more efficiently and use less energy to go faster and further on each stroke. Your body should be high and flat in the water and streamlined, ie having low drag and resistance in the water. This is because water is 1000% times denser than air. 

In the left hand video you can see the swimmer is crossing over the mid-line of their body in the catch and pull phases. This will be causing a snaking action in the body and a scissor kick motion with the legs, as these extra movements try to counter the initial cross over. 
As Newtons 3rd law states: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

This is very true here. You can see the body trying to counter the motion from crossing over under the chest. 

Long doggie paddle as performed on the right hand view is one drill which can help to correct this cross over in the catch and pull phases of front crawl. 

What you can expect


  • Instantaneous video playback and feedback on your front crawl stroke on a widescreen TV

  • 3 video cameras simultaneously recording

  • Video analysis above and below the water

  • Pacing sets using the endless pool pace clock to focus on

  • Slow motion playback and analysis to really see the finer points 

  • A stroke rate test to determine your best stroke rate for your technique

  • Accurate swim pacing to your fitness level

  • Personalised swim drills tailored specifically for you 


All sessions include emailed stroke correction, swim analysis and personalised drills.

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